An (unmaintained) parallelized C# image processing library

SharpVision is the parallelized C# image processing library that I wrote during my PhD thesis in order to create the VICO visual attention model. It provides many tools and algorithms for processing 2D floating point matrices.

It makes an extensive use of the parallel processing extensions included in .Net framework 4.0 and later. Consequently, all SharpVIsion algorithms benefit from the multiple CPU / Cores of your computer.

The library is compatible with .Net framework 4.0 and later, Mono 2.8+ and Silverlight / Moonlight 3+.

Here are a few examples of implemented algorithms :

  • Multi-resolution / Laplacian pyramids
  • Fast Fuurier and wavelets transforms
  • Separable and non-separable kernel convolution
  • Geometric transforms
  • 1D, 2D and 3D histograms
  • Integral images, radial symetry, line detection
  • Statistics

Download : SharpVision-20120413 (this project is unmaintained since a llong timeā€¦)